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Value Proposition

At OASIS® Floral Products we focus our products and services around you and what you value.

PRODUCT QUALITY: Less than 2 quality issue for every 1 million OASIS® Floral Foam bricks produced

What Makes OASIS® Floral Foam Bricks Your Best Choice?

✔ We are the only UK manufacturer to use a continuous foaming process to ensure quality.
✔ Every run of finished foam is tested twice for seven quality standards.
✔ Every carton has its own unique QC number to allow traceability.
✔ We guarantee that if you experience any quality issues, we’ll refund or replace the product, no quibbles.
✔ Every incoming ingredient batch must pass five quality tests.
✔ OASIS® Floral Foam Bricks are the most readily available floral foam brick in the UK.

Foam quality

ON-TIME DELIVERY: 98.41% of florist customer’s orders delivered by courier have arrived within 24 hours

How We Do It

✔ Customer notifications throughout the delivery journey allow customers to track and trace their orders, enabling them to make choices and changes on the fly, resulting in a high first time, 24 hour delivery.
✔ We only work with the highest rated UK couriers.
✔ These companies have invested millions of pounds in their UK infrastructure and continue to invest in new services and innovations.
✔ Our customer service team proactively monitor our parcel consignments with the aim of spotting any delivery problems before they are noticed by the customer.

Benefits To You

✔ Your time is valuable, we are able to get the parcel to you in an informed way, so you are not wasting time waiting for your delivery.
✔ Peace of mind that orders placed will be with you next day.
✔ Regular, reliable orders means you can consider reducing your inventory.

24 hour delivery

ORDER ACCURACY: 98.55% of florist customer’s orders have been correctly picked during the last 12 months

How We Do It

✔ Two pick verification process, means every order is checked twice to ensure what you order is what you receive.
✔ 10% off all orders receive a further conformance check from our fulfilment centre administrator.
✔ We continually review and improve our pick and packing processes.
✔ We continually train and up skill our fulfilment centre operators.

Benefits To You

✔ No additional time spent checking and querying your delivery.
✔ In the rare instance of us getting it wrong we have a no quibble returns policy.

orders picked correctly

ORDER FULFILMENT: 88% of florist orders that have been shipped complete as per the customers confirmed order

How We Do It

✔ Daily stock checks ensure stocks in our fulfilment centre are accurate.
✔ Our web shop admin team updates our web shops daily ensuring product listings are accurate and current.

Benefits To You

✔ Peace of mind and confidence in us as a supplier, knowing that what you order is what you will receive.
✔ Regular, reliable orders means you can consider reducing your inventory.

orders shipped complete

PRODUCT AVAILABILITY: During the last 12 months availability of our Top 500 best-selling products has been 82.25%

How We Do It

✔ Through close liaison with our customers and links within our industry, we are committed to delivering what is required.
✔ Early identification of industry trends.
✔ Global procurement team.
✔ Advanced global MRP (Material Requirement Planning) system.
✔ Every incoming ingredient batch must pass five quality tests.
✔ Stock levels and sales trends checked on a daily basis to mirror customer requirements.

Benefits To You

✔ High level of confidence when ordering from us that the most important products will be in stock.
✔ Confidence to purchase more products from us due to high in stock position, providing you with a convenient one stop shop for your purchases, which in turn saves you time and money.
✔ Your business benefits from being in stock of the important products all year round.
✔ Your customer’s benefits by knowing you will have the products they require on a daily basis, positioning you as a reliable wholesaler.

top products in stock

CUSTOMER RATING: During the last 12 months florist customers have given us a TrustPilot score of over 4.8 (Excellent) out of 5

trustpilot score

How We Do It

✔ Behind every review is an experience that matters
✔ Every time a customer purchases from we invite them to review their experience.
✔ The review platform we use is TrustPilot which is arguably the most trusted review company.

Benefits To You

✔ Buy from us with confidence knowing that hundreds of other customers have received excellent service when ordering from OASIS® Floral Products.
✔ We value feedback from our customers so we make it easy for you to leave a review in an open and transparent way.