Bud Vases

Using Bud Vases to break down large designs into smaller arrangements is a great way to get more from your stems. For wedding flowers, it's a way for guests to take part of the special day home with them, and funeral tributes can be broken down and delivered to loved ones so they can have the memories live on a little longer.

As a florist, it's a service you can upsell alongside your wedding and funeral offering, and a way for clients to get more value from the flowers and foliage they are paying for.

Watch our how-to video to see how to take apart a spray design and create mini bottle arrangements using our Bud Vase Collection, then transport with our new Bud Vase Carrier.

To get even more value out of flowers, why not offer customers a flower preserving service? Use our Flower Press to create forever flowers that can be framed.



 Bud Vase Collection

We have a gorgeous selection of Bud Vases available in a choice of colours and styles

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 Bud Vase Carrier

To make it easier to transport your bottle arrangements, grab some of our handy, fold-flat card carriers.

Top Tip: Customise your carriers with your own branded stickers or stamps

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 FloraLife Flower Care

To ensure the best possible flower life when reusing stems, be sure to use FloraLife Flower Care products.

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  Flower Press

A further service you can offer is to preserve memorable stems forever, by pressing and drying in our Flower Press.

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