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Floralife® Flower Food Powder Sachets 3.5g (Pack of 1100)

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After all the care that goes into keeping flowers fresh during transport and storage, you want to make sure they continued to be cared for once they leave the florist. Giving Floralife® flower food sachets along with your bouquets maximises the enjoyment of the recipient, and protects the reputation of the florist! Our range of Floralife® flower food gives flowers the nutrients they need and keeps their stems healthy so they can stay hydrated.


  • Dosage: Use 1x3.5g sachet in less than 0.5L of water

  • Helps keep flowers nourished and hydrated for a longer vase life.

  • Suitable for all flower varieties

  • Promotes flower opening and enhances colour vibrancy, ensuring maximum enjoyment!

Additional Information

Additional Information

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Size 3.5g