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FloraLife® D.C.D Disinfectant Cleaner

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  • Disinfect, Clean, Deodorize
  • Kills viruses including coronavirus
  • Use throughout your work area
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  • Disinfects and reduces bacterial and microbial growth which harms flower vase life.
  • Kills bacteria in 30 seconds.
  • Kills viruses in 5 minutes.
  • Can be used as part of your Coronavirus protocols.
  • Multiple use areas – coolers, tools, containers, work surfaces, and shipping areas.
  • Lasts longer – it doesn’t quickly break down or evaporate like bleach.
  • Bleach free and non-tainting.
  • Aluminum and stainless steel safe.
  • Available in concentrate and ready-to-use formats.
  • No rinsing required – no need to rinse out buckets with water after application of the product. Rinsing only required on food contact surfaces.
  • Includes detergents to provide improved cleaning performance against regular disinfectants.
  • Made in the UK

FloraLife® D.C.D. is certified to EN 1276, EN 1650 and EN 14476, allowing to use against bacteria, fungi and viruses. FloraLife® D.C.D. kills Coronavirus, E. coli, Swine Flu, HIV, Hepatitis C and S. aureus.

Typical Uses

Disinfect. Clean. Deodorize.

FloraLife® D.C.D. is a one-step bactericidal and viricidal disinfectant cleaner. Use on flower buckets, vases, containers, tools, work surfaces, coolers, shipping and packing areas.


How to use:

Concentrated Formula

  1. Twist cap half way without removing from container.
  2. Make sure that the cap is still attached to the bottle, then squeeze container to fill the reservoir that is in the cap.
  3. When the reservoir is full, empty the liquid into either a trigger spray bottle or a bucket containing warm/hot water. A second dose may be needed for larger buckets.

For spray & wipe applications, use 1 dose for a 750ml sprayer bottle to kill bacteria. Allow 30 seconds of contact time. To kill viruses such as the Coronavirus, use 1 dose per 750ml
of water. For the Norovirus, use 4 doses per 750ml of water. Allow 5 minutes of contact time. The reservoir doses 10ml at a time.

Ready-To-Use Formula

To kill bacteria, spray onto surface and leave for 30 seconds before wiping clean. No rising is required, unless the product is used on food contact surfaces.
For protection against Coronavirus first pre-clean the surface and then spray FloraLife® D.C.D. onto surface. Leave for 5 minutes before wiping clean. 

Safety Data Sheets

View and download the safety data sheet for the ready-to-use product

View and download the safety data sheet for the concentrated product

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